GSOC 2013: final wrap-up


The GSOC of code is almost over, and I feel sad for that.
During this program, I met awesome people, and wrote a lot of code.
And If I have the opportunity to do it again, I will definitely do it. But I will soon graduate, so this is not going probably to happen. (I’m now trying to convince my friends to contributing to open-source projects and especially to Mozilla ones. I’m also trying to convince them to apply for GSOC)
During my GSOC, I have implemented the Enhanced Customization API: I created the internal API and the external API. I also modified most of the places where some of the protected preferences are used.
The progress of the project:

  1. Internal API (checked)
  2. External API (checked)
  3. Replacement of the old API with the new one (in progress) :
  • If someone changes browser.startup.homepage and then opens the homepage, he will go to the new browser.startup.homepage (checked)
  • If someone changes browser.newtab.url and then opens a new tab, he will go to the new browser.newtab.url (checked)
  • If someone changes and then does a search, he will use the new (checked)
  • Preference panel supports the new API (checked)
  • about:config supports the new API (checked)
  • about:health report supports the new API (checked)
  • in the sync component, the old API was replaced with new one. But there is a problem running the tests (in progress):

I will still be in Paris office, until the 9 of October working exclusively on my project. So if you have a request about the project, please tell me as soon as possible because, on the 15th of October, I will start a new semester and, I will have much more things to do. This doesn’t mean that I will disappear and stop answering your questions and requests. But simply means depending on your request, it will require me much more time after 10th of October to answer it than now. That’s why I prefer you to tell me your requests as soon as possible so later I will not have to choose between studying for exams and my GSOC project. (I know that you were students a while ago, so I hope you understand me)
You can find here the documentation of my project as pdf or as docx.  The code of my project is available as a patch in Bugzilla.


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